The Games We Play!

Scenario Style Games

Our unique games all feature respawn rules that keep you playing, not sitting!

Zombie Apocalypse

A small group of zombies break out, and it's up to the humans to survive! Hit zombies quickly return from the dead while hit humans turn into zombies and join the horde. It's up to the remaining humans to hold out til the bitter end!

2013-10-26 10.34.31Own The Cone

A "King of the Hill" style game where two teams battle for the area at centre field. The game is divided into two halves - the first half is "respawn" (hit players return to their starting point, get their hit wiped off by a ref, then return to the action), the second half is "shot-and-out" (hit players are eliminated). The team with the player closest to the cone at the end of the game wins!

The Alamo

A handful of attackers storm a fort defended by all the other players. Attackers fight their way into the Alamo to pull the flag and win the game, and defenders do everything they can to keep that from happening. Respawn keeps everyone playing the whole game!

Turf War

Two teams - "The Bulls" and "The Bombers" - fight for control of five slider stations located around the field. Move the slider to your symbol, then stay and defend it or move on to the next one. Sliders move back and forth until the end of the game where the team with the most moved to their side wins! The game is half respawn, and half shot-and-out.

The Raid

An attack-and-defend game centred around our latest fort - The Stronghold. A small team of raiders must clear all defenders out of the three buildings and catwalks to win... throw one of our prop grenades to eliminate all the defenders in a section! Continuous respawn means continuous action!

Demolition Man

Each team tries to get their demolition charge into their opponents' fort, while keeping their opponents away from theirs! Use the demolition charge as shield or try and steal the other team's charge and run away with it!


Defenders occupy The Alamo and Castle Wolfenstein and are set up along the road, then a small band of attackers tries to break the line and drop three banners located along the field boundary. Hit attackers return to their starting point, get wiped off, and continue the assault. Hit defenders join the attacking force until the banners fall or the remaining few successfully hold back the attack!

Green Zone

Small groups with a VIP "package" attempt to move from one green zone (The Alamo) to another (Wolfenstein) while protecting their package from the opposition force. Each green zone has defenders from the beginning, so the field is spread creating an exciting 360-degree environment from the get-go!

Air Drop

Two equal teams fight for control of the field for the first half of the game with respawn. But at the half-way point the cargo is dropped across the centre field area and the game becomes a shot-and-out scramble to collect the most supplies!

Team Deathmatch

Object of the game? Shoot the enemy! Two equal teams hunt each other down and try to record the most "kills." With continuous respawn throughout the game, hit players return to their starting point to get wiped off and rejoin the battle.


The closest thing VPA has to a speedball experience. Two teams start face to face and race for possession of the football as soon as the whistle blows. Carry the football into your opponent's "end zone" for the win. This game is often as short as six minutes long - so the pressure is on! Players are out when hit.

Weapon Of Mass Destruction

A group of "terrorists" have stolen the WMD, and holed up in Castle Wolfenstein. The "special forces" squad is tasked with getting it back. Hit terrorists come out of the castle and rejoin the game as special forces members, while hit special forces members respawn continuously. A true attack-and-defend scenario, terrorists are confined to walls of the castle in this game.