While everyone claims to be the Island's safest paintball company, we have always been the leader when it comes to paintball safety.

Victoria Paintball Adventures was the first local paintball company to introduce:

  • Ref5Full facemask goggle system
    This at a time when unsafe shop goggles without facemasks were the norm.
  • Additional head and neck protection
    Beyond the standard goggle and facemask.
  • Employing a minimum of 2 staff for each and every game
    This enables us to deal with any unforeseen problems without affecting your day.
  • Supervised marker checks (Chronographing)
    All markers are checked daily by our staff to ensure safe and equal power.
  • Barrel blockers
    To prevent accidental marker discharges in the staging area.
  • Supervised entrance checks
    To ensure that only safe markers enter the staging area from the playing field.
  • Safety viewing net
    To prevent stray paintballs from entering the staging area.
  • Complete instruction for all players
    Designed to introduce you to all aspects of paintball before you play.
  • Ref4All adult professional management
    The owners and current managers have from 10 to almost 30 years of paintball experience.

Our Paintball Adventures are:

  • Professionally run
  • Well-organized
  • Fully supervised by experienced referees