VPA May 12, 2013 024For recreational players only. Victoria Paintball Adventures does not sponsor teams or hold tournaments. We play just for the fun of it, and because of this, our members are different than competitive players. They are here to play with you and not to practice against you. Members, if present, will be evenly divided among both teams for fair play. They must use a similar style paintball marker and all markers will be checked by chronograph to ensure safe and equal power.

Lifetime Membership Fee (No Expiry)

Please add GST to all our membership fees

$75 - Adult
$45 - Youth


  • Discounts on paintballs (see below).
  • Receive the Prepaid Rate on Field Fees and Rental Gear Packages, without needing to prepay.
  • Invitation to Members Only special events and games.
  • Opportunity to become a paid referee (age 19+ preferred).
  • Meet and play with like-minded people.




Member Paintball Pricing

Please add tax to all our paintball prices

Entry Level Grade

$8 / 100
$35 / 500
$120 / 2,000

Advanced Grade

$9 / 100
$40 / 500
$140 / 2,000

Tournament Grade

$10 / 100
$45 / 500
$160 / 2,000

Paintballs MUST be purchased from Victoria Paintball Adventures