Lower Impact .50 Cal Rental Packages



Semi-Automatic Paintball Marker (.50 cal)

The Tippmann FT-50 is a modified .50 calibre version of the .68 cal FT-12 with an air/HPA tank and 300+ paintball capacity loader. The best marker available for Lower Impact recreational play.




Tippmann Valor Goggles


One of paintball's proven top of the line goggle and facemask systems, the Tippmann Valor is second to none among rental gear.


Camo Top

Woodland pattern camouflage jersey with pockets and high collar for increased neck protection. All sizes, clean and well-maintained.

Neck Protector

Camouflage polar fleece tube for additional neck protection. Clean and well-maintained.

Barrel Blocker

To prevent accidental paintball marker discharges in the Staging Area and to identify eliminated players on the paintball field. Mandatory for all paintball markers at our facility.

Two Armbands

To identify teams on the paintball field. Brightly coloured red, and worn on both arms, allows for easy team recognition.

Anti-fog Spray

To clean your goggle lenses and prevent fogging while in play. Apply all day long between each game for best results.

Cleaning Towel

To wipe off paintball splatter from your gear and clothes between games. To avoid referees accidentally calling you "OUT" during a later game.