“Lower Impact” Paintball Adventures

All the Adventure, Half the Intensity!

Featuring the NEW Tippmann FT-50 marker, the Tippmann VALOR goggle system and the consistency of compressed air (HPA). 

Perfect for:

  • First time players
  • Young players aged 10-12
  • If you are concerned about the intensity level
  • You want to play in a game with everyone using the same gear

Just as flag-football is an exciting alternative to the more rough-and-tumble tackle football, Lower Impact was designed to be a more casual form of paintball. Lower Impact paintball reduces the force of paintball hits for those wanting a less intense adventure. Lower Impact uses a much smaller .50 calibre ball and the markers have a reduced velocity. Combined this results in a substantially lighter impact. Small reductions in range and accuracy are made up for by a dramatic reduction in impact force, allowing those with a lower intensity threshold to also enjoy paintball.


VPA is happy to provide full Lower Impact .50 cal gear packages. Our Lower Impact games prohibit .68 calibre paintballs and require all paintball markers to be velocity tested to a lower speed than our standard .68 cal adventure. Also the players who choose Lower Impact are very likely to have a less intense mind-frame towards playing. All together the Lower Impact adventures are a more casual and light-hearted adventure, ideally suited for younger kids or beginners nervous about the standard intensity games.

Cost for Lower Impact rental gear packages and paintballs is identical to the standard .68 cal prices, so all you need to do is decide on the appropriate intensity level for your group: Standard .68 cal or Lower Impact .50 cal.