Game Day Preparation

Waiver Forms

All players must sign a Liability Release Waiver form. Players under 19 must have the waiver co-signed by their parent or guardian. Waivers can be filled out at the field or, if the parent is not present, must be filled out IN ADVANCE and brought to the field.

Download Waiver Form


Please carpool as best as possible.

Be Punctual

Please arrive on time. We suggest 5 to 15 minutes before your arrival time, so that you have time to park and organize your group before we are ready to start. If you are late, please expect a delay before we can get your group ready to play.

Directions & Map

Field Address: 1258 Neild Road, Metchosin, BC.
Our address, directions, pictures of the field entrance and map can be found on the Directions page.

Map to Field

What should I bring?

  • WolfensteinDress in layers so you can adjust your own comfort level.
  • Long pants. We provide a camouflage top only.
  • Wear old clothes, because you will get dirty.
  • Protection for the top of your head such as a ball cap, a toque or a bandana.
  • Hiking boots for traction and ankle support.
  • Light gloves for hand protection.
  • Groin protection for males.
  • Drinking water, especially in hot weather.
  • A change of clothes for the trip home.
  • A co-signed waiver form if you are under the age of 19 and are not being accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

What should I NOT bring?

  • Absolutely NO alcohol or drugs.
  • No dangerous items or devices.
  • No pets (with the exception of the field's mascot).
  • A paintball gun that you don't know how to use, clean, fix, or chronograph.
  • Your own paintballs. All paintballs must be purchased from VPA.